58.91 lakh Voters in Telugu States receive Notices


Election-Officer-BhanwarlalElection Commission served notices to 58.91 lakh voters in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as they weren’t residing is the address they have mentioned at the time they applied for voter card. While the count is 30,52,155 in AP, About 28,39,045 in Telangana.

Chief Election Officer Bhanwarlal warns: “People who received notices have to file an application to replace their current address with old address within 2 weeks, else their Voter ID cards will be scrapped”.

EC advises voters with new address in the same constituency to use Form 8 and voters with current address in a different constituency can use Form 6. Those who applied for Corrections/New Cards will receive new Voter ID in a month.

People who’s votes were scrapped could apply for new Voter ID Card with a simple process. Type Seed Epic – Space – Voter ID No. – Space – Aadhar No. and SMS to EC Number 8790499899. These details can also be given in EC Websites www.ceo.nic.telangana and www.ceo.nic.andhra.