Aadhaar card must for vehicle transactions in State


Aadhaar-cardIf you are planning to buy a new vehicle, make sure you have an Aadhaar card as it is now mandatory for all RTA transactions like vehicle registration certificate (RC), learning licence, permanent driving licence and change of ownership of the vehicle.

All the RTA (Road Transport Authority) officials have been asked not to accept the applications for any transaction from people who do not have Aadhaar cards. Joint  Transport Commissioner  Raghunath told The Hans India that the government had taken the decision to link Aadhaar card for every transaction in the  Transport Department  to curb increasing malpractices in the registration of vehicles, issuance of  driving licences and irregularities committed by vehicle owners and also financial  institutions in getting  loans and releasing loans.

The Transport Department received many complaints that the owners of commercial vehicles had evaded payment of loans taken from the banks on different names. The other important complaint lodged with the department was that many fake registrations were taking place in the changing of the ownership of vehicles. Linking Aadhaar will help the department to know the correct owner of the vehicle and also check fraudulent sales of vehicles.

According to sources, more than 50,000 cases with regard to the non-payment of loans taken by vehicle owners by producing fake documents before banks are pending in the department. Another 5,000 complaints on fake and double registrations on a single vehicle are also pending in districts.

The official said making Aadhaar mandatory for every transaction would also help curb corruption in the department which had received many complaints from the people that the lower rung officials were fleecing them for issuing any official document on the pretext that they failed to submit valid documents. Over 100 bribery cases against the officials were registered by the ACB in the last two years, he said.