AAP MLAs Binny, Gopinath and Tina find fault with CM Kejriwal


binnyNew Delhi: The rebellion within Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is growing by the day. A day after AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny said the Kejriwal government in Delhi has failed to deliver, the party’s new member, Captain Gopinath, has come out against the Chief Minister’s decision of withdrawing FDI in retail.

Captain Gopinath has even said that he will reconsider his membership if there is no ‘internal democracy’ in the party. Speaking to media, Captain Gopinath said, “Some of these things are coming out now. I will be doing disservice to the country and the party if I do not put out my views. I am not going to lick anybody’s boots. May be I will reconsider if there is no internal democracy. The AAP must step back, focus on Delhi before going for its national ambition.”

Not just Captain Gopinath, AAP member Tina Sharma too has said that the party has not stood up to its words. “The 2013 manifesto said so many things. Now I cannot defend my party. So that’s the issue. Why are we directing only to the 2014 elections,” she said.

However, AAP leader Shazia Ilmi does not feel that this is a crisis. “I don’t think it is a crisis, I find it a tad bit hilarious,” she said.

From grabbing positive headlines a day to now chasing controversies with each passing hour, the AAP’s tryst with politics since coming to power in Delhi is steadily becoming a contentious one.

Vinod Kumar Binny, the AAP MLA from Laxmi Nagar in east Delhi, was busy providing support to colleague Kumar Vishwas in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. On Wednesday, his entire approach to the party changed. “Ours was an ideological fight. My only rift is that why are there ifs and buts about issues now,” he questioned on Wednesday.

But Delhi CM Kejriwal was unwilling to play ball. “Binny first asked us for a Cabinet post. Then he wanted a ticket for LS polls, which we denied. The party has now decided not to give any ticket to sitting MLAs,” Kejriwal said.

Following this was a war of words between Binny and Kejriwal with Binny calling Kejriwal a liar. “There was no talk about the Lok Sabha elections. Everyone present in the meeting will attest to that. It is unfortunate that Kejriwal said anything to that effect. He is lying,” Binny said. Binny has said that he will address a press conference on all these issues on Thursday.

Binny was reportedly denied a portfolio in the AAP’s Delhi Cabinet. Binny and AAP had back then downplayed rumours of a rift within the party.

“They may be having a different role for me. My meeting with Kumar Vishwas was a routine meeting. We are not here to become ministers and CM. We are here to serve the country,” Binny had said then.

Once a Congress leader, Binny had joined AAP after participating in the Jan Lokpal movement. Binny is now a part of the 9-member political affairs committee of the Aam Aadmi Party.


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