AAP rebel MLA Vinod Binny’s 5 big complaints against AAP and Kejriwal


aap-govtNew Delhi: Vinod Kumar Binny went public today with a catalogue of grievances against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its leader Arvind Kejriwal. Mr Binny, 39, was among the 28 AAP candidates who was recently elected to the Delhi Assembly. Mr Kejriwal says that Mr Binny’s dissent is based on the fact that he has not been given a ticket for the Lok Sabha elections.

Here are 5 complaints the rebel announced this morning:

AAP ministers had said they wouldn’t use red beacons or lal battis on cars. But all ministers are using cars with VIP numbers.

The party does not function democratically. Five people take all the decisions, Arvind gets angry if people expresses any differences with him. He is a dictator. If anyone speaks against him, he starts shouting.

A Danish woman was gang-raped in the heart of Delhi and nobody from the AAP government was available to make a statement. If any other party was in power, AAP would have gone to town with protests over this. On women’s safety, AAP should be ashamed. Its leaders have done nothing to provide more security for women, they haven’t even started discussing it.

Tickets for elections are not distributed fairly. There is a pretense of gathering signatures and then picking the best candidates. But it is a very corrupt system. If this man (Kejriwal) cannot fight corruption within party, how will he fight corruption in the country?

AAP has betrayed its pre-poll promises.  We said there would be cheaper electricity and 700 litres of water woold be given free every day to households.  But there are hidden costs.  Now families who use more than the subsidized quota have to pay not just for the entire amount, but are charged higher rates.

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