Abdul Kalam’s valuable final assets


Abdul-Kalam-quotesFormer Indian President and Bharat Ratna Abdul Kalam, who earned the affectionate tag ‘People’s President’ from the one billion countrymen, lived a modest life till his last breath. The saint who revolutionized India’s nuclear prowess did not possess any valuable assets of his own even after his five decade long public service and also being the President of India.

Till his final depart, Abdul Kalam did not write any will for his relatives, and especially his elder brother, the 99 year old Mohammad Muthu Meera Lebbai Maraicker. However, all of Kalam’s savings will be handed over to his elder brother. Recently, Kalam’s prized possessions were listed out by his close acquaintances. The findings did shock everyone who could not believe that Kalam lived such an unbelievably simpleton life.

Kalam, throughout his life, never accepted any materialistic gifts from anyone. If only the gift was a book, Kalam would accept it and the rest were returned back politely. And during his tenure as the President of India, all the gifts from the foreign governments were duly transferred to the Indian government’s toshakhana. Even the government’s two-storey bungalow that was allotted to Kalam now lies abandoned.

2,500 books, a wristwatch, six shirts, four trousers, three suits, and a pair of shoes are the final savings and prized possessions of Abdul Kalam. There is no authentic information regarding Kalam’s pension savings. The ‘Missile Man of India’ did not even own a TV set as he was always averse to watching TV, citing that the Idiot Box is nothing but a waste of time. Kalam also did not own a fridge, car or even an AC machine.

These revelations are enough to remind us that such a great human can easily survive such a humble life which also acts as an inspiration to his peers, politicians and even the one billion plus countrymen.