Actress Reema Kalingal sensational comments on Sheila Dikshit


Actress-Reema-Kalingal-and-New Delhi: With Congress high command appointing former Delhi CM Sheila Diskhit as governor of Kerala, Actress Reema Kalingal took a dig at her.

‘All women journalists in Kerala, beware! You will all have to get home by 6 pm of Sheila Dixit has her way’, posted Reema on her Facebook page. This post enraged Congress cadres in the state and they started foul mouthing the heroine with whatever they like. However, women activists felt that there is nothing wrong in the punch thrown by Reema. Her comment is about Sheila’s past comment about how women should behave to avoid rapes.

If you could remember, during her days as Delhi CM, Sheila Dikshit commented about Nirbhaya incident saying that women need to go home by 6 pm. She reportedly asked why women should be out after 6 pm as incidents of molestation are rampant in the capital of India. Sheila’s careless comments have invited the wrath of women activists at that time, and now Reema Kalingal poked at it again.