Where is Anchor Pradeep? Will you attend today? Or not?


anchor-pradeep-to-police-coHyderabad: Anand Pradeep, who was caught on drunk and drive during New Year’s Eve, did not attend police counseling three days ago. Pradeep is to attend the counseling on Tuesday. The police said that he had to attend the counseling on Wednesday. On the other hand, there are stories that Pradeep is in the background of drunk and drive case. On Tuesday, 31st of last month, police held counseling on drug cartels held in drunk and drive. However, the media’s focus is on the case and Pradeep feared that he would be absent from counseling yesterday, saying he feels he will come today.

Counseling should be attended

It is a time of drunken driving and driving the alcohol and drinking vehicles. Pradeep, who was arrested on the 31st day, did not attend police counseling two days later. There is a deadline for Wednesday to attend counseling. If it does not come on Wednesday, then the charge sheet will be filed and the warrant will be issued to the court, “Additional DCC Amarkant Reddy said. Pradeep said action would be on further action today. If you attend counseling, he will give you an insight into the mischief caused by drinking. Later, the court will be introduced to the court, whether it is penalized by alcohol or one or two days of imprisonment. Counseling Pradeep would not have come yesterday for fear of media attention, he said, hoping he will arrive today. The counseling will not be extinguished, counseling will be issued .. The warrants are issued after the first counseling, the Additional DPP said.