Andhra Pradesh is ‘expenditure-sensitive’, says Election Commission


Election-CommissionHyderabad: With Rs 16 crore of unaccounted cash seized in Andhra Pradesh in the the last eight days, the Election Commission is considering the state to be “expenditure sensitive” ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

“In the context of what we have seen in the last 7-8 days, we have considered Andhra Pradesh and within Andhra Pradesh, some of the districts, as more expenditure sensitive,” Deputy Election Commissioner Vinod Zutshi said.

“We have our own intelligence. For the Lok Sabha election, the entire country goes to polls. We have made a certain study, based on our own experience in the assembly election, as to which are the more expenditure sensitive states. We have identified them,” he said, after a meeting with the district Collectors and Superintendents of Police.

Zutshi told reporters that EC deploys one general observer in each parliamentary constituency and two others who will look after assembly constituencies.

Police observers would also be posted for sensitive places; there would be expenditure observers too.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh has proposed to have police observers in nine districts.

The total number of voters in the state is 6,25,83,653 as of now. The eligible persons can enrol till the last day for filing of nominations.

About nine lakh applications were received across Andhra Pradesh on March 9 when special enrolment camps were organised.