Anuhya’s Post-mortem report confirms rape and murder


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Vijayawada: A team of police officers from Mumbai have visited techie Singavarapu Esther Anuhya’s residence at Machilipatnam on Monday and interacted with her parents and relatives. The police  also brought a photograph of suspected person who was seen along with Anuhya at the Mumbai railway station on the fateful day of January 5, after which she went missing and finally found dead on January 16.

The techie’s parents have denied having any knowledge of the person shown in the photograph. The parents have also reportedly denied the police allegations and the stories of their daughter engaged in continued chatting with a suspected person. The parents and relatives are blaming the police for their inaction and they believe that their daughter would have been alive had the police acted immediately after the complaint was given in Vijayawada.

The Mumbai police officers have also reportedly visited the railway station, collected the reservation chart data of the train on which Anuhya traveled on January 4 night from Vijayawada station. The team had also collected the data that is available with the railway police who have collected data of Anuhya’s co-passengers on the train. The team is likely to collect more information from the co-passengers in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, the post-mortem report is now available with the police and a copy is also made available to the railway police here who booked the case first. According to the sources, the post-mortem report had confirmed that Anuhya was murdered after rape.

The SC employees from Machilipatnam have called for town bandh on February 5 marking one moth of Anuhya’s missing from the town. The SC employees and leaders of all parties who have extended support to the bereaved family said that the police have failed to do justice to the victim’s family even after a month of the incident. They blame the police, particularly the Mumbai police, for their inaction which had led to her death.