AP Capital Amaravati Foundation MENU changed


Amaravati-Foundation-MENUAP Government has designed the ‘menu’ keeping in mind the people who will be attending the foundation laying ceremony of Amaravati in big numbers.

Initially, State Government thought of arranging lunch which include items like ‘garelu’ & ‘poornalu’ for the people. However, It dropped the idea and decided to supply food packets to the people in the compartments itself. The contents in the packet include Thapeswaram Khaja, Chakrapongali, Pulihora, Daddojanam, Butter Milk & Two Water Packets.

At first, Government thought of distribution food packets after the completion of foundation ceremony. The plan has been altered fearing it could lead to a stampede and decided to distribute the packets the moment people enter the premises.
Entire premises where the AP Foundation Ceremony will be held has been divided into 12 compartments and District-level Officer will be appointed as incharge for each of them. The programme will begin at 12 PM and ends by 3 PM.