Arun Jaitley to lead NDA in fight for Rajya Sabha deputy chairperson


Union Finance Minister and Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley will take part in the election to the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson today.

Jaitley has refrained from public engagement for the past three months after he underwent a kidney transplant. Doctors have advised him to completely refrain from interacting with people for three months. Besides this, he has been advised to stay indoors in a sanitised space so as to that avoid infections.

He has to participate in the voting because the NDA does not enjoy a majority in the upper house.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has been trying to win over non-BJP non-Congress parties to support the NDA candidate. Orissa Chief Minister and chief of the Biju Janata Dal Navin Patnaik on Wednesday announced his party will side with the NDA.

However, despite this, the BJP needs to ensure maximum votes for the NDA candidate. This has made it important for Jaitley to attend the house proceedings and cast his vote.

Sources have confirmed to India Today TV that Jaitley will lead the NDA’s fight for the deputy chairperson post. He will read out a short motion to set the ball rolling for the motion for the election of NDA candidate–Harivansh Narayan Singh.

After formalities, the vote for Singh will be taken. If he gets more than half-way mark of the present MPs in the house, Singh will be declared winner. The Rajya Sabha currently has 244 members.

If the NDA manages to cross the half-way mark, there will be no need for a motion to vote for Congress candidate BK Hariprasad, who is being backed by opposition parties.

In the past three months, though Jaitley has avoided public interactions, he was been regularly sharing his views on current topics by writing blogs and posting on Twitter.

Sources said, on Thursday, he will come to the Rajya Sabha slightly earlier than the beginning of the proceedings and leave right after the result is declared.

Arrangements have been made to ensure that he has minimal interaction in this process. This will also be his first appearance in the ongoing Monsoon Session of Parliament.