Arvind Kejriwal revealed the Hidden secrets of Modi’s Govt


kejriwal-and-ModiAhmedabad: After a four day tour, AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal along with his supporters revealed the real facts in the Gujarat state. The following are some of them

  • Small businesses in Gujarat were being shuttered.
  • Public schools and health services were in poor shape lacking minimum Infrastructure. For every 600 students only 4 teachers are recruited in all Public schools.
  • About 400,000 ( 4 lakh) of the Gujarat’s farmers who had applied for electricity connections years ago had not yet received connections. But the BJP claim that they supply regular electricity.
  • High level of Corruption is existing in Gujarat. Even for getting a ration card, extra payment in the form of Bribe has to be given. In all the Government offices, high level of corruption is existing.
  • The government stopped providing subsidies to the farmers. The minimum support price for the crops is not provided to the Farmers. More over their lands are being taken away from the farmers and are given to the Business men. The water to the villages is diverted to the Industrial plants of the Business men.
  • The agriculture production has fallen to -1.1% in Gujarat.  About 800 Farmers committed suicides in the state in a span of 12 years.
  • The educated youth are employed for a minimum salary of Rs. 5300 on contractual basis.
  • Highly corrupted Ministers like Babu bhai Bhukaria, Purushotham solanki  and Ambani’s relative Sourab patel are still continuing in the state cabinet even after their secret dealings got revealed.