Attack on Prakash Raj’s House


Prakash-Raj-houseTamilar Munnetra Padai Party activists have rounded up Prakash Raj’s Chennai residence accusing him of hurting the sentiments of Tamilians.

Against the slogan ‘Only Tamilians should rule Tamil Nadu’, Prakash Raj opined that anyone could rule at any place in a democratic country.

Party Founder-Chief Veeralakshmi led the protest against Prakash Raj. More than 50 people participated in the project. Police intervened and took the protesters into custody before it took a violent turn.

TMP Party Leaders and Cadre demanded an apology from Prakash Raj for making such comments. However, The National-award Winning Actor didn’t respond on the demand or protests so far. People who knew him personally say, Prakash Raj isn’t someone who gets scared of such protests and he won’t apologise unless he does something wrong.