Australia abolishes 457 Visa: Indians shocked!


Malcolm-TurnbullIn a shocking move, Australia abolished a Visa Programme which is used to employ foreign nationals for up to 4 years in high-skilled jobs.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull explains this decision has been taken to address the growing unemployment in the country. ‘Though we are an Immigration Nation, Australians must be given priority for Jobs here. Hence, We are abolishing 457 Visa’.

Most of the people who get benefitted by 457 Visa are Indians. UK and China hold 2nd and 3rd Spots respectively. After abolishing the Visa Programme, Foreign Workers could no long use it to obtain jobs in Australia.

As of September 30th last year, There were about 95,757 foreign workers in Australia on 457 Visa. The 457 Visa will be replaced by a New Programme meant to recruit only highly skilled foreign workers in the National interest.