Baahubali Theater Attacked With Petrol Bombs


baahubali-release-date-postA popular cinema theater in Madhurai screening super hit film ‘Bahubali’ is attacked by a bunch of miscreants with petrol bombs. The incident happened today during morning show when cinema hall is fully loaded with huge crowds watching ‘Bahubali’ Tamil version. This led to panicky situations inside the theater but everything was bought to quietness with active involvement from Theater management.

The attack is reported to be led by Tamila Puli organization which is against ‘Bahubali’ for anti sentiment dialogues penned on lower castes. Although there was a demand moved by many SC, ST organizations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu to edit those dialogues but nothing of an action taken till now.

‘Bahubali’ is currently the only South Indian film ruling the Box Office with earth shattering collections. Any controversy added to the film after nearly two weeks of release would only help ‘Bahubali’ to gain extra publicity and further strengthen its commercial power.