Bajrang Dal and VHP warns Lovers not to roam on Valentines Day


Bajarang-Dal-warns-loversHyderabad: Bajarang Dal activists on Monday released a wall poster against the Valentine Day celebrations on February 14. Making it clear that they were not against love between boys and girls, they said they were totally against invasion of western culture on the Indian youth and traditions in the name of Valentine Day.

While releasing the wall poster against Valentine Day in the News & Services Syndicate (NSS) on Monday, the Bajarang Dal demanded a ban on VD and said they were boycotting the day as usual. However, the BD activists warned the “lovers” not to move around in parks, pubs and resorts.

Stating that it was not their policy to perform marriages of love birds, they said on the Valentine Day they would forcibly bring the reveling lovers to Vishwa Hindu Parishad office and give counseling to them in the presence of their parents, police officials, lawyers and the media and they would perform marriage of lovers if their parents consented.

On Sunday, an awareness program on Valentine Day was conducted in the VHP office under the auspices of VHP and Bajarang Dal. VHP publicity chief Hebbar Nageshwara Rao, official representative Venkateshwara Raju, Bajarang Dal State convener Bhanu Prakash, Greater Hyderabad unit media convener Bharat Vamsee and others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, Hebbar Nageshwara Rao said it was highly shameful and deplorable for the Indian youths for celebrating Valentine Day which was discarded by the western world. Reiterating that they were not against love, he said they cannot remain silent as the youths were destroying history and culture of the country in the name of VD celebrations.

Nageshwara Rao also lambasted the multinational companies for trying to destroy Indian culture for their business transactions. He exhorted the youth not to become scapegoats in the hands of alien forces. Bajarang Dal activists said they would not hesitate to raid pubs, resorts and clubs which try to attract the youth by announcing special packages on the Valentine Day.