Balapur Laddu Auction Creates Yet Another Record


Balapur-LadduThe famous Balapur Laddu auction had created a new record yet again. The idol was taken in a procession in the village and later the Laddu was auctioned.

A person named Tirupati Reddy from Vanaparthi District made the highest bid of 15.6 Lakhs winning the priced Laddu. The Laddu will be distributed to the friends and well-wishers after performing puja and it will also be sprinkled in the fields for a better crop.

Last year the Laddu had gone for 14.65 Lakhs which is a record at that time and the price just goes higher every year. Ganesh Nimmajjanam started as early as 6 AM this morning.

The biggest Ganesh already started moving towards Hussainsagar and the immersion will take place in a little while from now. Traffic restrictions are in place early this morning in Hyderabad to make sure the Nimmajjanam happens smoothly.