Bandla Ganesh’s Survey: 114 Seats For Mahakutami!


Much to everyone’s shock, Bandla Ganesh declared Mahakutami-led by Congress is all set to win 114 out of 119 Seats to come back to power. When quizzed how could TRS which implemented 75 schemes face such a defeat, He announced Congress would introduce 100 schemes if it comes to power.

Regarding the surveys predicting 111 seats for TRS, Bandla Ganesh commented: ‘Survey Jana Sukhinobavanthu! These things happen as the Agencies which conduct the Surveys want to gain something in return. Our reports are based on people’s pulse’.

On the claims of TRS Leaders that Telangana Statehood was achieved by them, Bandla Ganesh opined, ‘KCR is just one among 4 crore people who fought for separate state. Sonia Gandhi fulfilled her promise given to Telangana People despite knowing Congress can’t even win a single seat in AP. Congress MPs ensured Telangana Bill was passed even in a war-like situation in the Parliament. All those who fought for Telangana are in jails, the ones who opposed Statehood are in power. What about Chukka Ramaiah, Gaddar, Vimalakka and Kodandaram? Thummala Nageswara Rao, Talasani and Danam Nagender are in TRS now…they had even become Ministers. Telangana People are living in fear. The time has come for them to bring Congress back to power’.

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