BJP Graph Declines In AP: Modi To Step In!


BJP-modi-in-APAMARAVATI: Andhrites have the feeling that Centre has done injustice to them by not fulfilling majority of the promises made in AP Reorganisation Act 2014. AP BJP Leaders keeps saying every rupee spent by State Government was offered by the Centre itself. They even blame TDP for changing the names of the centrally sponsored schemes to give an impression that State Government has been implementing them. But still, People of AP aren’t in a position to believe either their allegations or tall claims.

PM Narendra Modi seems to have understood the growing aversion towards BJP in AP which have 25 Lok Sabha seats. So, He is planning to tour Andhra Pradesh to make people believe BJP has done a lot already and it would continue treating AP as a special case.

Very Soon, Modi will be taking part in a programme scheduled to happen in AP as a chief guest. PMO has enquired about the Central Government Projects in the Southern State. Modi is likely to take part in either an inauguration ceremony or lays foundation stone for any new projects during his tour. It’s then an attempt will be made to send an indication that all the development is happening only because of Centre.

In reality, People of AP would no more fall in the trap of Modi. They could be pleased only with Special Category Status & Sanction of sufficient Funds.