Blue Whale challenge: 3 kids missing in UP, 40 found with cut marks


Blue-Whale-gameThree children, all students of Class 9, have gone missing while playing the deadly Blue Whale challenge.

Forty children in another school have been found to have cuts in their arms and they have admitted to be in the midst of the deadly game.

According to police reports, the three children who have gone missing are students of the Bal Nikunj school in Mandiyaun area in the state capital and study in the same class.

The boys — Harsh Bajpai, Akhilesh Agnihotri and Gaurav Singh — had been playing the Blue Whale challenge. They left for school on Friday morning, but did not return home. Their parents later learnt that the three had not come to school on Friday.

The police was informed and the parents admitted that their children would play the Blue Whale game on the mobile phone all day. All three children have taken money from their homes and it is suspected that they may have left home to fulfil some challenge offered by the game.

Meanwhile, in another school in Khurram Nagar locality,  teachers found cuts and deep abrasions in the arms of about 40 students, all in Classes between 3 and 6, after thet started a random check.

The parents were immediately called and the children admitted that the game administrator had asked them to give themselves four to six cuts with the blade of the pencil sharpener.

The parents have been asked to keep an eye on their children and arrangements are now being made for counselling of the children playing the game.

“We are also trying to get counsellors for children who have not yet started playing the game so that we can keep them away,” said a teacher.