Boat Capsizes in Krishna River: 19 Dead!


Boat-capsizesAt least 19 people died on Sunday evening after a boat carrying anywhere from 35 to 38 people capsized at the Pavithra Sangamam in Krishna River, Vijayawada. While some of the Tourists reached the shores by swimming & with the help of swimmers, About nine people were still missing. This tragedy happened when the Tourists were travelling from Bhavani Islands to Pavitra Sangamam.

All the Tourists are members of Ongole Walkers Club. A price of Rs 700 has been collected from each one of them for this tour. When the AP Tourism informed them that they missed the last boat, A private boat lacking any safety precautions was hired by them. The inexperienced driver misjudged the depth of the water and took a wrong turn, which resulted in capsize after hitting the sand bars.

YSR Congress Party held TDP Government responsible for the boat mishap. Party Leaders Parthasarathy, Jogi Ramesh and Uday Bhanu alleged this accident happened due to lack of safety measures.

Parthasarathy: ‘Had if there was Speed Boat, The Death Toll wouldn’t have been more than 2 to 3. Swimmers had revealed this to us. Permission for Boating was offered to private parties despite lack of safety measures. None of them were offered life jackets. There are no swimmers in the boat. Even the Driver isn’t experienced. Not even ambulance was arranged in time. Though 108 was informed at 5.20 PM, Nobody has responded quickly’.