Can Modi Conquer Telugu States?


Narendra Modi juggernaut is unstoppable with BJP and its allies are in power in 20 states. While it is still not clear whether BJP would form the government in Karnataka or not, the fact is that it has emerged as the single largest party in Karnataka polls prove its gaining strength. This clearly indicates that BJP’s dream of having a Congress-Mukt Bharat is very close to reality.

Except Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab, Mizoram and Puducherry, BJP and its ally parties have sway. Now, at this juncture, it is important to see whether Narendra Modi and Amit Shah could barge into the Telugu states, particularly Andhra Pradesh, where it had earlier shared power with the TDP. After the TDP quit NDA over the Special Category Status that was not fulfilled by the BJP as promised earlier, BJP has taken AP as prestigious.

In order to comeback to power in AP, BJP is wooing opposition YSR Congress Party. But YCP may not have a pre-poll tie-up with BJP since its traditional vote bank (Dalits, Christian community) would not support if they collaborate with BJP.

However, it is widely speculated that BJP and YSRCP could have a secret understanding and Pawan’s Janasena may also join them or may support indirectly. By hook or crook, BJP wants to gain power in AP and Telangana, but it is very far-sighted. In Telangana, BJP has very limited role as the major fight is between Congress and TRS. Whereas in AP, the war is amongst TDP, YSRCP and Janasena. BJP may confine to nominal role.

Political analysts say that Telugu states are not as easy as Karnataka. Since BJP had earlier ruled Karnataka with coalition and has its presence with strong leaders such as Yaddyurappa, BJP managed to become the single largest party there. Whereas, the situation is totally different in AP where two regional parties are crossing swords.

In South, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are not easy to crack. BJP is still standing at large distance to have Saffron Bharat. But yes, one must admit that BJP’s Congress-Mukt Bharat is becoming reality as the Congress is presently confined only to Punjab, Mizoram, Puducherry while Karnataka decision is still pending.