Case to be filed against Dornakal Nirmala School Management


nirmala-high-schoolHyderabad: Nirmala Schools, one of the prestitguos Institutions established in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The school has various branches in the state. Some of them include, Vijayawada, Dornakal, Khammam, Machilipatnam, Hyderabad etc branches. The administration is looked after by the Nuns who dedicate themselves for the service of the needy.

But since few years, the School is reported to be losing it’s fame and name because of the Nuns behaviour. The school admissions are also had fallen drastically in the recent past. Year by year the admissions are declining, say reports.

As per the latest, the parents formed a group to question the irregularities in the School. The following are some of the complaints raised by the students parents on the Niramala School management -Dornakal Branch.

Irregular and huge fees are collected from the students.
The classes are run even on the holidays in the name of special classes.
The norms of an Educational Institution are not followed by the management for the Students and the Staff.
The pay scale and the salaries of the staff are not according to the Norms.
Unskilled staff is employed for teaching the students. Staff, very much less than required is employed.
The school is run with the support of an SI.
The school management is Warning the staff if salary hike is demanded by the staff members on the basis of seniority.

The DEOs of the respective districts are least bothered to solve the issues, state the parents.