Caste, Religion and Region politics of Political Leaders


politiciansHyderabad: The Political leaders in a country like India perform various gimmicks for Political and Personal gains.

The Politicians divide the people on the basis of caste, religion, region, sex etc to attain the public support .

Caste Politics

Chandrababu Naidu favoring the SC categorisation wants to woo the SC( madiga) voters.
Announcement of granting 100 seats to the BC’s in the forthcoming elections to woo the BC voters.

Religion Politics

YS Rajasekhar Reddy tried hard to grant reservations to the Muslim community.
YSRCP trying to give the color of a christian party. The acts of Vijayamma reveal the same.

Region Politics

Sonia gandhi declaring the Telangana resolution trying to wwo the Telangana voters.

Though thr mentiond list is small, there are many more politicians in our country who want to take advantage of the above.

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