CBI is ‘Controlled’ bureau of investigation, says former CBI chief


The CBI till now was Congress Bureau of Investigation. Under the Congress rule, the CBI has been reduced to a tool in the hands of the Congress Party and it did the Congress biddng all these years. So, it became a Congress Bureau of Investigation. But, what is it now?

If former CBI chief Raghottam is to be believed, today under the BJP regime, the CBI is ‘Controlled’ bureau of Investigation. He said the BJP was fully controlling the CBI. “Never did the police stand security to the CBI office at 1.45 AM. Never did the staff members were turned back in the morning when they came to the office and were told to come back in the afternoon. Why were searches being conducted in the CBI headquarters?” he asked at a seminar recently. He said he was ashamed to claim that he had worked as an employee. He made these comments at a seminar in Chennai. He said he had worked in the CBI for 36 yeas and had never faced anything like this. By changing the director, the Centre has demeaned the CBI, he said.

But, we wonder why Raghottam never had any pangs of conscience when the Congress used the CBI to further its ends. The CBI was called a ‘caged parrot’ during the Congress rule. But, Raghottam never felt ashamed. Wonder why?

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