CCTV helped in reducing crime rate in Hyderabad by 32 per cent


The Director General of Police M Mahender Reddy asserted that the impact of CCTV in Hyderabad City police jurisdiction has been ‘astounding’ leading to a huge reduction in overall crime rate by 32 percent in the last three years (2014-17) and chain-snatchings particularly saw a reduction of 90.6 percent during the period.

In a statement, following a State-wide conference of all stake holders relating to community CCTV project which was held in JNTU Auditorium in Kukatpally, he noted that the Best Practices adopted by Hyderabad City Police in rapidly rolling out Community CCTV Project was shared among all stakeholders from 31 Revenue Districts.

Community Involvement and their active partnership has been a critical success factor for the success of Community CCTV (Nenu Saitham) project in Hyderabad City. It was decided to achieve a high degree of involvement and partnership of local communities across the state on a proactive basis by relentless efforts by the District Police authorities at all levels, by showcasing the immense benefits of CCTV Projects.

The success stories achieved through the Community CCTV have been showcased and demonstrated to all the stakeholders. It was resolved to achieve 10 lakh CCTV cameras in GHMC limits and 15 lakh cameras for the entire State in the next three years.

He explained that the CCTV has acted as a force multiplier in the City of Hyderabad. Each CCTV has a potential of 100 Police personnel, it always speaks truth, it never lies, it has the credibility in the eyes of community and in the eyes of the Court. “Through CCTV City Police has been able to demonstrate Certainty of being Caught and the Certainty of being Punished for every offender who commits crime in Hyderabad City”, the DGP noted.