Chandrababu’s Reaction On KCR Attack


In a meeting with TDP leaders, AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu is said to have discussed about KCR’s latest diatribe against the TDP Chief. Sources say that Chandrababu took stock of KCR’s personal attacks on him and indicated that it is part of a TRS-BJP internal understanding.

He is said to have made the statement in Amaravati. According to sources in the party, Chandrababu told that KCR is not understanding the BJP’s plan to create disputes between the two Telugu states. “This infighting can be a huge advantage for BJP if Telugu people do not stand together,” he said at a party meeting.

Political observers indicate that this could be TRS’ strategy to target both Congress and TDP in Telangana. But, they also suggest that KCR is missing a crucial piece of the puzzle where he is being played by the BJP.

KCR’s personal attacks on Chandrababu establish that the TRS is using the Telangana sentiment, yet again. While this strategy might have worked for the TRS in the 2014 elections soon after bifurcation, in the current scenario, it can prove dicey as �€œAndhra settlers�€ votes could dent TRS’ vote share in the state.

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