Chiranjeevi announces Rs 5 lakh award for Jodie Underhill


chiranjeevi announceTourism Minister K Chiranjeevi today announced Rs 5 lakh award for British activist Jodie Underhill in recognition of her yeoman service towards Uttarakhand flood tragedy relief.

Underhill has been collecting garbage strewn near food stalls at Doon Helidrome in Dehradun, where pilgrims rescued from the natural calamity in various parts of the state are temporarily rehabilitated and provided food and shelter.

Chiranjeevi announced the award for the British activist in his personal capacity.

Underhill is the founder of ‘Mountain Cleaners’ – a voluntary organisation involved in cleaning pilgrimage sites in the Himalyan belt.

The environmentalist has also co-founded two other groups – Love 4 Tibet and the Cornholme Community Project.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the filmstar-turned- politician’s birthday today, members of All-India Chiranjeevi Fans Association are donating Rs 15 lakh to Uttarakhand flood relief fund.

Besides, Telugu actors Ram Charan and Allu Arjun would also donate Rs 10 lakh each. The cheques would be handed over to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna in Dehradun today.