Chiranjeevi’s Poor Election campaigning show


chiranjeeviHyderabad: He might be a Mega Star on screen, but when it comes to politics, Chiranjeevi turned out to be a mere clown. And proving it right again, his recent speeches while campaigning for Congress candidates in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states become a laughing stock for locales.

More than raising concerning issues, Chiru has been recalling about his shootings in the regions, success of his films and subsequent collections of his hit pictures in the areas. He hardly talking about public-issues, their plight. Naturally, this is drawing flak from people. What’s more irony is even the very candidates of Congress are in dissent over Chiru’s poor campaigning strategy.

Here are the few blunders from his Tamil Nadu campaigning that made Congress candidates red-faced.

1. Perhaps this is the biggest one which no one would have done: Chiru dubbed Kudankulam Project as a drinking-irrigation project contrary to that it is an Atomic Power Project.

2. Chiru claimed that Congress had played significant role in making Hosuru National Highway into a 4-line highway. Truth is that Hosuru National Highway is 6-line highway.

3. Above all, Chiru alleged that AIADMK and DMK haven’t built a single drinking-irrigation project.Hogenakkal built on Kaveri and Krishna Water Project (Telugu Ganga Project) built on Krishna River were during the tenures of AIADMK and DMK.

These are just a tip of ice burgs from Chiru’s list of blunders. Political analysts predict that Chiru’s presence is a bane for Congress candidates rather than a boon. At least now, Chiru should wake up to realities and act according to it. And at the end, it is Congress that is paying its hefty price for Chiru’s faux pas.

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