CM Kiran prays for Next AP Formation Celebrations


cm-kiranHyderabad: While Telangana ministers in his cabinet stayed away from the State formation day celebrations, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy used the occasion to invoke the name of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to make his point.

Taking part in the celebrations held at the NTR Stadium in the heart of Hyderabad, Kiran finished his address on the occasion within eight minutes. He nevertheless referred to various facets of state’s history and the performance of Congress governments in the state.

He fondly remembered that formation of Andhra Pradesh was made possible due to the sacrifice made by the then Chief Minister of Hyderabad Burgula Ramakrishna Rao.

“During her speech in Parliament on December 21, 1972, Indira Gandhi wanted us to think 100 years ahead and she had said in Parliament that the ‘Visalandhra’ slogan is still ringing in her ears,” he said.

Kiran recollected how she declared that she is an integrationist.

He invoked the memory of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru when he referred to big projects as “temples of modern India” and stressed that “we were able to build big projects like Nagarjuna Sagar, Sri Sailam and Sriram Sagar, only because we belong to a big state,” he said.

He pointed out that the state is “politically strong and economically robust only because we are one as Telugu people.”

People are electing leaders with political wisdom and that’s why the state has progressed all these years, he said.

“The faith Indira Gandhi had reposed in the people of Andhra Pradesh was evident from the fact that she chose to contest for Parliament from our state,” Kiran said.

Kiran praised the people when he said, “the state has progressed with the help of hardworking and committed government officials, farmers making the state the rice bowl of India, Annapurna.”The state government has brought in several historical laws and Acts that were aimed at providing equal opportunities to various sections of people. The state government has implemented various schemes and programmes for all sections of people.

The government is keeping the interests of farmers, women, youth, students, SC, ST and BC welfare and is going forward with the agenda.

He then recounted schemes aimed at welfare of girl child and providing employment to youth.

Concluding his speech, Kiran said: “People are in confusion whether we will be able to celebrate the state formation day next year.”

“I pray Telugu Talli to see that this celebration continues to take place every year in future also,” he said.