Congress Backstabs TJS On Last Day


Congress Party has violated the alliance dharma in Telangana. The National Party fielded its candidates in the seats offered for alliance partners. Particularly, It caused irreparable damage to Kodandaram-led TJS.

It is known that Congress is leading Mahakutami in Telangana. But, That doesn’t mean allies can ill-treated or neglected. Congress formed alliance with TDP relying on its strong cadre. It teamed up with CPI as well being aware of the fact that it costs less than 5 seats. On the other hand, Strength of TJS at the grassroots level is a big mystery for now but Kodandaram have loyal followers all over Telangana.

Seat Sharing between parties of Mahakutami has neared conclusion only after the nominations process began. Parties had even continued issuing B-Forms for their preferred candidates as per the seats allocation. Congress issued B-Forms to its candidates in the constituencies allotted for allies. The last blow of the National Party stunned particularly Kodandaram. Congress offers B-Forms for Constituencies (Huzurabad, Dubbaka, Warangal East, Patancheru) which were allotted for TJS. How will Kodandaram react on the backstabbing?

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