Congress confused about its campaign: BJP


bjpThe BJP Wednesday said the Congress leadership was confused about its election campaign and is launching personal attacks against BJP leaders, but crying foul over similar attacks against Congress politicians.

“There was an emotional appeal from Priyanka Vadra that personal matters should not be raised. Today, she also raised personal matters… why can’t Congress make up its mind,” BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said.

Priyanka Wednesday raised the Gujarat snooping controversy, saying: “If you want to empower women, then why listen to their private conversations.”

In the Gujarat snoopgate scandal, opposition parties accused Chief Minister Narendra Modi of tracking the movements of a woman and spying on her.

Sitharaman said: “The woman in question is not concerned about it, her father appealed that she be left alone… When issue of Robert Vadra’s corruption is raised, they say he is a private citizen, why are they intruding in other private citizen’s lives.”

The party spokesperson slammed the Congress for being confused about its campaign.

“There is utter confusion in the Congress war room… Rahul Gandhi first said he does not approve of personal attacks, and then launched a personal attack on (Narendra) Modiji’s affidavit,” she said.

Rahul had raised the issue of Modi mentioning his wife Jashodaben in his election affidavit for the first time. The Gandhi scion later said it is not a personal issue.

“Congress is evading answering the real questions,” Sitharaman said.

Taking on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over Ghaziabad candidate Shazia Ilmi’s comments urging Muslims to be “communal” and vote for the AAP, she said it is copying the Congress.

“This is the pseudo secularism we are talking about. Their mask has fallen off. They are just the B team of the Congress and doing what the Congress was doing all these years,” she said.

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