Dear PM – Dogs Don’t Vote: Prakash Raj


During his election campaigning in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi comments that Congress Leaders need to leaner how to be patriotic from Mudhol Dogs. None other than Prakash Raj came forward to offer a strong retort, ‘Dear prime minister.. you say Mudhol dogs are better than people and talk of recruiting them in the army, but dogs don’t vote. Youth dreaming of jobs, farmers in distress, citizens who want a life..VOTE. Karnataka is listening. You think we deserve a dogs life’.

Prakash Raj made it clear Karnataka Assembly elections to be on issues of development not on blame game and false claims. He asked BJP Leaders not to disrespect people of Karnataka with their lies. ‘Isn’t there a limit to misleading us. Lies may be your staple diet but not of the citizens of this country. We want to flourish as a Nation on development,’ he maintained.

The Acclaimed Actor says his Mother, Wife and Daughters are worried about his life after he waged war against BJP and Right-Wing Forces.