Democracy murdered for passing Telangana Bill in Lok sabha


1622809_685464468159519_1345165073_nNew Delhi: The Central government’s headstrong nature is revealed by the Telangana issue.

When the Telangana Bill reached the AP Assembly, the Bill was passed without voting in the Assembly. In the declaration of any other state in India, the Bill is not passed without the approval of the MLAs in the Assembly first.

When the Telangana Bill reached the Parliament, the Bill is passed by voice vote.

The way the Bill is introduced in the Parliament and the way in which it is passed in the Lok sabha are totally controversial.

The following are some of the incidents recorded today related to Telangana Bill

  • Voting on amendments to Telangana Bill is underway in the Lok Sabha. There is no live coverage.
  • There is no live coverage of Lok Sabha voting on Telangana Bill. Live coverage is being stopped.
  • The manner in which the Telangana Bill is being debated and put to vote has raised several serious questions over the intent and government’s committment to democratic norms.