Demonetisation is a conspiracy: APR


new-notesPrime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation on November 8th for the sake of wiping out black money, fake currency and terrorism. As more money began coming into the banking system, Centre launched the Cashless Economy campaign. To counter the criticism, NDA brought the patriotism aspect and began claiming everything was done in the best interest of the Nation.

As per Asian Pacific Research (APR), India became a victim of the ploy by America to control the World economy. The report named as ‘A Well Kept Secret’ reveals US conspired to dictate terms to other Nations. As a result, United States Agency for International Development (US AID) rooted for cashless economy to monitor World Economy from Washington. India has become its first target. Talks were held with RBI & Indian Officials. Initially, The plan was to make a single city go cashless and then expand it to other parts. But, It’s been implemented all over the country taking advantage of patriotism and innocence of Indians.

Apart from US-Indian Governments, As many as 35 Corporate Companies have been behind Demonetisation. The economy of America improves if India achieves cashless economy.