Do We Need Revanth & Bandla?: Prakash Raj


Prakash Raj issued a clarification over his inclination towards TRS in Telangana after backing Congress Party in Karnataka. ‘Never did I appeal voters to vote for any party. I just asked them to think before exercising their right to vote. Why should I support Telangana Congress? What kind of language leaders like Revanth Reddy has been speaking? He gave a call – ‘Atu-Itu Kani Vallu TRS Ki Vote Veyyandi’. Isn’t it like insulting transgenders? Do we need such leaders?,’ he questioned.

Reacting on the challenge of Bandla Ganesh that he would slit his throat if Mahakutami doesn’t form the government, Prakash Raj opined: ‘Few Individuals would make such statements for grabbing attention. Such videos would get highest number of hits. That doesn’t mean it is something great, People treat it as a comedy stuff’.

Prakash Raj might be the most happiest person to see BJP’s downfall with the five States Assembly Polls. While Congress formed Government in 3 States, TRS retained power in Telangana and MNF was voted to power in Mizoram.

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