Donald Trump on Green Card: Good news for Indians


Good-news-for-Indians-by-doWASHINGTON: The time came for millions of Indians looking forward to. The Congress has made interesting comments on the key visa policy in the speech of US President Donald Trump. To the Indians who have expressed their hopes on the Trump speech, the latest words he said were changed to Sweet News.

The Trump revealed that they intend to enter their country on the basis of their talents. By doing so, he said that he could put America first. He said he would end the lottery visa system. The speech, addressed to both houses of Congress, was attended by Kunchi Bhatta Srinivas’s wife Sumania, who lost his life in Kansas riot killings. Opposition Democrats have boycotted the House.

All the Americans are to be united with the opposite. The green cards offered to give permanent citizenship in the United States are based on merit, as they are the only way to keep America on the front line. This is the right time to start a migration based immigration policy. Whoever has high skills, who can provide good service to the community, who only give green cards to those who love and respect the country.

The lottery is the place to start. There are trump comments for the benefit of the Indians, but the problem is that they are struggling to expand the family.