We don’t have Money for it!: Akkineni Amala


Akkineni-AmalaAnimal Birth Control Programme has been conducted by Blue Cross in Greater Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Akkineni Amala informed Blue Cross took up the challenge to perform family planning operations to 3,000 dogs in Miyapur 108th Ward. ‘Government should open it’s eyes because street dogs pose a huge threat. A pair of dogs can give birth to 2,000 puppies and hence Family Planning is a must. More births have been happening due to the waste dumping yards. In West & North Zone alone, Blue Cross identified 2 lakh dogs. We have been doing whatever we can without taking any financial support from the Government. But, Blue Cross doesn’t have the resources to conduct family planning for all the dogs in GHMC Limits’.

The Former Actress opined State Government should come forward with a proper plan to address the issue. She informed that a Park is being established for dogs in Necklace Road.

Hats off to Amala Akkineni for treating dogs like family and taking care of countless creatures through Blue Cross. More power to the Inspiring Woman!