Don’t Wear Jeans & T-Shirt At Workplace!


A Circular issued by the Rajasthan Labour Department’s Commissioner Giriraj Singh ordering Employees not to wear Jeans and T-Shirt at workplace garnered the attention of nation. He wants the employees to wear decent clothes for safeguarding the dignity of the office.

The Circular read, Some officers & employees come to work in Jeans, T-shirts and other indecent dresses which is disrespectful and against the dignity of the office. Officers and Employees were asked to come to office in decent clothes like pants and shirt for maintaining the dignity of the department.

The Employees Federation questioned how could Jeans and T-Shirt be seen as a indecent outfits. An indication has been given that such rules will be opposed in a democratic manner.

Despite criticism, Giriraj Singh defended his move by saying what he did is to maintain office decorum.