Earthquake Jolts California’s Bay Area


EarthquakeA powerful 4.5-magnitude earthquake has rocked California’s Bay area today (Jan 4, 2018) in the wee hours. An estimated 9 million people have felt the rumblings of the earthquake that hit around 2.39 AM in the early morning. The earthquake was centered below Berkeley, California.

The people of Berkeley and nearby cities had awakened due to the severe shaking. Residents across the San Francisco Bay area, as far south as San Jose, and as far north as Santa Rosa said they felt shaking.

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), the earthquake occurred at a depth of eight miles. The USGS seismologists said that the quake had struck on the Hayward Fault near the Claremont Hotel.

Fortunately, no damage or personal loss was reported despite it rattled the Bay area completely.