Election Commission issues notice to Rahul Gandhi


rahul-gandhiNew Delhi:  The Election Commission has issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi on a complaint by the BJP that he had falsely blamed the party for communal violence in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

In rallies in states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh that are headed for elections, the Vice-President of the Congress had accused the BJP of practicing “the politics of hatred” and of instigating communal riots in places like Muzaffarnagar.

“BJP felt that unless there is a Hindu versus Muslim situation in Uttar Pradesh, they would not do well. So, they set this fire,” Mr Gandhi alleged, adding that it was the Congress which had “doused the fire”.

The BJP says that Mr Gandhi’s remarks violate the model code of conduct for elections.

The party’s six-page complaint to the poll panel also included Rahul Gandhi’s allegation during a rally in Indore that Pakistani agencies were trying to reach out to young Muslims whose families had been affected by the Muzaffarnagar riots.