Eunuchs chop off 26-year-old man’s private part


eunuchShahjahanpur: A 26-year-old man, residing in Ghanshyampur village in Shahjahanpur district of UP, was attacked by a group of 3 eunuchs who later chopped off his private part to make him one of their own.

All three eunuchs have been booked for the crime. Police have arrested two accused while the main culprit is still on the run.

In the FIR lodged by the victim, man has alleged that he was on his way to Kunwarapur on February 16 when three eunuchs attacked him and he fell unconscious. Ten days later, when he regained consciousness on January 26, he found himself reeling in pain in a van in Shahjahanpur only to later realise that his private part had been chopped off, a report in Amarujala said.

As he resisted to set himself free, the eunuchs asked him to get down of the vehicle and gave him life threats if he informed anybody of the incident.

The victim reached home and narrated the incident to family members who then, took him to hospital for treatment. Thereafter, he approached the police to lodge an FIR.

After registering the complaint, police raided eunuchs’ houses and managed to arrest two of them.

The Amarujala report also said that not able to find her husband, the man’s wife had already lodged a complaint earlier accusing an eunuch of kidnapping him. However, police officials did not pay heed to her complaint.

After the incident proved to be true, CO Basantlal claimed he directed his officials to investigate the matter and assured that the culprits will be brought to book soon, the report said.