First Survey After Election Schedule


Republic TV has announced the First Survey after the Election Schedule is announced. This survey is done in March and is the first survey after Chandrababu Naidu unleashed a slew of Welfare Schemes in February. The Survey gives a slender edge to TDP in this election unlike the previous surveys of the National Surveys.

TDP is projected to win 14 Parliament Seats while YSR Congress will win the remaining eleven. TDP is polling 37.4% Vote Share while YSR Congress is getting 35.3% which means a difference of 2.1% Vote Share. According to the survey, Janasena, BJP, and Congress will not open their account in Parliament Elections.

This Survey came as a surprise because it is owned by a BJP MP. Republic TV is known to be a Pro-BJP and we can not expect such positive surveys about TDP from the channel given the animosity between the Cycle Party and BJP. We are one month away from the elections and let us see how things pan out on May 23rd when the results will be out.

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