Former Employee Sues Infosys


Infosys, which is the second largest Indian IT Firm, has been sued by its Former Employee Anuj Kapoor. The issue is regarding the unpaid salary for 1000 hours of overtime.

Anuj Kapoor had been part of the CVS Project in Rhode Island. He now complains Infosys made him work for 11 hours per day but paid only for 8 hours. He even complains his Project Manager threatened to send him to India if he fails to work overtime.

According to the complainant, Infosys has been in contention to replace another firm as the primary vendor for the client and hence he was made to work overtime without billing.

In its submission to the US Department of Labor, Infosys treats Anuj Kapoor as a salaried employee though he is an hourly worker with H-1B Visa. The Wage & Hour Department in Rhode Island is investigating to find out if Infosys is filing for H-1B Visas under exempt salaried category and making use of its employees as non-exempt hourly workers.