Gandhis at sea, PM myopic not to see Modi wave: Jaitley


JaitleyNew Delhi: The Gandhis are all at sea and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may be myopic not to see a “Modi wave,” BJP leader Arun Jaitley said Friday, claiming Congress leaders were helplessly watching the juggernaut of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

In an article on party’s website, Jaitley said that a sea of humanity accompanied Narendra Modi on the road show prior to his filing the nomination at Varanasi Thursday.

“It was a show rarely been witnessed earlier. Such unprecedented crowds can never be ‘organized’. They have to be self-inspired. When crowds arrive in such mind boggling strength, there is always an element of spontaniety,” he claimed.

Referring to the prime minister’s remraks that there was no Modi wave, Jaitley said Modi has already addressed over 400 rallies across India and attendance there has been “unprecedented”.

He said that a Modi wave was expected in northern, central and western India but it is “enormous amount of goodwill” even in eastern and southern parts of the country “which is leading to a significant increase in the BJP vote”.

“As against this, the Gandhis are all at sea. This is the first time where an outgoing government, through its leaders, is carrying on a campaign of negativity rather than highlighting their own achievements. While the country is debating on the anti-incumbency against the Congress, the Gandhis are busy attacking the incumbent,” Jaitley said.

He alleged that Congress was trying to hide its failure by blaming the opposition.

“This desperate tactic does not sell. Dr. Manmohan Singh may be myopic not to see a Modi wave,” he said.

Jaitley also targeted Congress leaders including union ministers P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Manish Tewari and Anand Sharma, saying they were using rude phrases against Modi.

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