Gujarat Textbook Says – Rama Abducted Sita!


BJP Leaders claim it’s only because of them people are still able to remember Ramayana in the digital world. They keep on mentioning about Ram in their statements to spread the Hindutva Agenda.

In the Class 12 Sanskrit Textbook ‘Introduction To Sanskrit Language’ of Gujarat Board, It’s been printed that Lord Rama himself abducted Sita. Even kids could say Ravana was behind Sita’s apaharan but the board isn’t able to realize it.

Initially, Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks Executive President denied any such blunder. He, however, accepted the mistake finally and tried to downplay it by saying it’s a translation error.

Such a blunder happening in Modi’s home state caused embarrassment to the BJP Leaders. There would have been wild reactions from BJP Netas had if such errors happened in a states where the saffron party wasn’t in power. What will Right-Wing Groups do now?