How GST Created 30 Lakh Jobs?


Implementation of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be creating 30 lakh new jobs over the next four years in India’s logistics sector. A two-digit growth in the logistics sector has been projected in the next few years because of the tax reform.

As per TeamLease Report titled ‘Indian Logistics Revolution – Big Bets, Big Jobs’, Over 3 Million New Jobs will be created in Road Freight, Rail Freight, Air Freight, Warehousing, Waterways, Packaging and Courier Services. By 2022, The count of employment in the Logistics Sector will raise up to 13.9 million from the existing 10.9 million.

In Hyderabad alone, Around 1.96 jobs will be created in the above mentioned seven sub-sectors because of GST. While 1.45 lakh are going to be in Road Freight, 26,000 Jobs in Air Freight and 4,000 Jobs in Rail Freight have been created. The brand value of Hyderabad only gonna increase in the coming days with more employment opportunities.