Huge response for Volvo Bus Incident in Social Networking sites


vovlvo-bus-incidentHyderabad: The Bangalore to Hyderabad Volvo bus incident became talk of the Town. The incident became Hot News even in the Social Networking sites. The following are some of the comments posted in the Social Netwirking sites related to the Bus Fire accidet.


  • Rayalaseema senior Congress leader JC Diwakar Reddy and his brother JC Prabhakar Reddy (Diwakar Travels) is operating several buses with single registered number. “Not only JC, many private bus operators are operating buses in the same manner”, another passenger added.
  • JC Diwakar Reddy is opposing formation of Telangana state doubting that the Telangana state government may not allow his irregularities. “The present government itself has to stop the irregularities of not only JC’s but also all private operators”, the other one said.
  • “Due to these private buses, the APS RTC has been incurring heavy losses in terms of revenue and the people are losing their lives”.
  • Mahabubnagar bus accident was the best example to show the private operators’ irregularities, though the Jabbar Travel may not belong to Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Private operators’ attitude towards passengers was also arrogant. They behave rudely with their passengers.
  • It is too late for the RTA officials to respond. It is very common to government officials that they open their eyes only after big incidents. Their activity will become as usual after few days, he bemoaned
  • RTA officials and traffic police only chase two wheelers and three wheelers, but not the real violators of rules.