IIT-Kharagpur student uploads nude pics of woman on internet


IIT-Kharagpur-student-uploaKHARAGPUR, WB: An IIT student allegedly uploaded nude photographs of a woman on internet, police said on Friday.

18-year-old Surajit Kumar Jain, a second year Electronics and Communications student from Bilaspur, uploaded nude pictures of a woman, who is a teacher in the same district on the internet last month, police said.

Following a complaint by the woman, Chhattisgarh Police tracked down the Internet Protocol (IP) address which revealed that the photographs were uploaded from IIT Kharagpur campus by Jain, they said.

Police visited the IIT Kharagpur campus on Thursday in search of the accused, who was reported to be absent for the past two months by IIT Director, Tapan Ghoshal, they added.