In Talk: Lakshminarayana’s Day Dream!


The recent statement issued by VV Lakshminarayana made people wonder if he is day dreaming. What was that all about?

Lakshminarayana: ‘In the coming days, You could witness the formation of Jana Sena Government as we are going to win majority of the seats in AP’.

In reality, Jana Sena Leaders and Workers are expecting their party to do well only in 20 to 40 MLA Seats at best. Even Pawan Kalyan is well aware of the capabilities of Jana Sena Party as of 2019. Whereas, The statement of Lakshminarayana appears to be far away from reality. Nobody would have found fault had if the Former CBI JD exuded confidence on Jana Sena winning good number of seats to become King Maker but how could he talk about achieving magic figure to form the government on its own.

Public expect Leaders like Lakshminarayana to be different from seasoned politicians. If someone like him makes such a comment and it doesn’t turn out to be true on the counting day, There is every possibility of losing some of his admirers. Better if Lakshminarayana let his work do all the talking..!

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